Ready to Make a Change?

Welcome To Carmel Recruiting - Carmel Recruiting represents outstanding candidates who are looking for a career in Richmond, Virginia. We focus in sales, sales management, and general administrative roles. We function as an extra set of eyes and ears and your representative in the marketplace and work in a confidential manner.

After we have received your resume we will be in touch as soon as possible to schedule an interview if you may be a fit for the roles we fill. After the initial interview, the Recruiter and candidate will strategize together to determine which open roles and employers are a match and decide together which introductions will be made. Our goal is to ensure a mutual fit between you and the employer. That way it is a "WIN" for all 3 parties involved. Your success is our success too and we only get paid when you get placed!

Think about:

  • Make sure your resume is concise, clear, and easy to read and understand. Include your relevant experience and accomplishments in your present or past positions. Keep it simple!
  • Are you easy to contact, and when we do contact you will you give us the time and information we must have in order to evaluate the qualifications you posses that our client company is requesting? Are you honest and forthright on your education, experience and qualifications?
  • Are you realistic about what you are looking for as far as money and position? Overall, are you realistic about what you expect from making a change in position or career?
  • Remember, a resume or an interview is a sales call and the product is YOU!

To apply, please e-mail your resume to or call 804.247.4040 to speak with a Recruiter directly. Qualified candidates will be invited to the office for a face-to-face interview. Our fees are employer paid. How can we help in your search for a new career?