Are your employees making you money or costing
you money?

Did you know that making the wrong hire costs an employer anywhere from 50% to 200% of the employee’s annual salary? Many managers cite that the most difficult tasks they face are hiring, retaining, and developing their staff.

To succeed in business you must have good people in your key positions. These people are hard to find. You need a recruiting firm with professional recruiters who know and understand your business, your industry and your individual environment. Searching for the best people to fill your needs is time consuming, very expensive and very frustrating. All of our recruiters come from successful sales and HR backgrounds and understand how to recognize and recruit outstanding professionals to meet our client’s needs. We create synergy between your company and the marketplace through excellence in sourcing and recruiting to meet your company’s specific needs.

By using Carmel Recruiting as a partner in your Talent Acquisition process, you will have:

  • Qualified, professional candidates to interview
  • Pre-screened candidates with a proven track record
  • Time to exceed sales goals rather than recruit daily

What makes Carmel Recruiting different?

  • Experience - In Human Resources, Sales, and Admin
  • We meet our candidates face-to-face for a thorough interview
  • Relationships - We meet our clients to shake hands at their office and learn about their firm's culture
  • Flexibility - We work diligently, quickly, and flexibly to meet your hiring needs and wants